Professional education is the heart of this website, especially regarding physical therapy.  Physical Therapy when applied appropriately and with an underlying knowledge of the specific condition, can be the definitive treatment for TM disorders and eliminate the need for surgery.

Unfortunately, most Physical Therapists are not trained in the specific, effective treatment methods which have been refined over the past 30 years based on outcome-based research and clinical experience.

Dr. Mitchell, working first had with physical therapists, has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients with TM disorders and would like to share this knowledge in the most effective ways possible.

Seminars for Physical Therapists, Physicians and Dentists, as well as other interested groups such as insurance groups, attorneys, and the general public. Each of these tailored to specific need and interest.

Online Learning soon to be available through programs in this website.

Links to other tutorials


Consulting services are also available to the legal profession and insurance companies

Dr. RJ Mitchell
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