Physical Therapy - Definitive Treatment for Temporomandibular Disorders
    Course Description: This is a 6 hour comprehensive presentation plus hands-on instruction in the effective management of TM Disorders including:
  •   Review of anatomy and physiology of the TM Joint and muscles of mastication from a unique perspective.
  •   Pathophysiology and causes of most TM disorders
  •   Examination and diagnosis of various joint and muscle disorders along with ICD 10 codes.
  •   Treatment - both theoretical and practical
  •   Hands-on workshop
​Course limited to 20 participants
Cost: $250 pp

Review Course for Physical Therapists
  •    Quick review of basics as they pertain to effective treatment
  •    Hands-on workshop
​Average 2 hours
Can be arranged for individual groups or practices at your facility
Cost: $80 pp

TM Disorders for Dentists and Physicians
  •     Overview of pathophysiology
  •     Signs and symptoms
  •     Treatment basics
  •     Diagnostic catagories and ICD 10 coding 
Average 2 hours
Cost: $80 pp

Seminars for the Legal Professions
  •     Overview
  •     Issues of causation
  •     Appropriateness of treatment​
Average 1 hour
Cost: $200 per session
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